Achievement of Club Rotary Sunrise

Achivement Year Name
Presidential Citation Year 98-99 Rtn.Raosaheb Gondil          
  Year 2001-2002 Rtn. Sharad Goasavi
  Year 2009-2010 Rtn Neel Pandit
Best Record Keeping Year 98-99 Rtn. Pravin Kumbhojkar
Dist. Governor Awards Year 98-99  Rtn C.S.Waichal,   
    Rtn.Dr.Raju Joshi
    Rtn.Rosaheb Gondil  
    Rtn.Shishir Shinde
  Year 99-2000 Rtn.C.S. Waichal
    Rtn. Sharad Gosav
Apreciation Awards Year 99-2000 Rtn. Sharad Gosavi
12 Core Projects Year 99-2000 Club
Dist. Conference Year 99-2000 Club
Membership Develop.& Bulletin Awards   Rtn.G.D.Kulkarni
    Rtn.Raosaheb Gondi
INTL. Service Awards   Rtn. Arun Baheti
Four Avenue Year 2002-2003 Late Rtn.Anant Agnihotri
    Rtn.Raosaheb Gondil
    Rtn.Shishir Shinde
    Rtn. C.S. Waicha
Best President Year 2000-2001 Rtn. Raosaheb Gondil
Best In International Year 2000-2001 Rtn.Raosaheb Gondil
Best President Year 2008-09 Rtn Rajiv Parikh
Best Secretary Year 2008-09 Rtn Shrikant More
Best Small Club Year 2008-09 Club
Best Assistant Governor Year 2007-08 Rtn Raosaheb Gondil
Best Assistant Governor Year 2008-09 Rtn Ravi Sanghavi
Best Monthly Bulletin Year 2000-2001 Rtn. Raosaheb Gondil
Rotary Volunteer R.I. Dist. 3170 (For Polio Plus Prog. U.P. Moradabad) Year 2001-2002 Rtn.Raosaheb Gondil
    Rtn.Seema  Patil
Public Relation Year 2003-2004 Club – Rtn. Shishir Shinde
    Rtn.Raosaheb Gondil
District Governor’s Appreciation Awards
Best President Year 2005-2006 Rtn. Ravi Sanghvi
Best Secretary Year 2005-2006 Rtn. Rajiv Parikh
Best in Youth Service Year 2005-2006 Club- Rtn. Sanjay Doijad
Best Club Year 2005-2006 Club
Recognition For Work Done in Floor Relief Year 2005-2006 Club
Best D.C.C-Extension Year 2005-2006 Rtn. Raosaheb Gondil
Appreciation Award Year 2005-2006 Rtn. Niranjan Waichal
RI Presidential Citation Award Year 2007-2008 Rtn.Vikram Bhosale
Governor Appreciation Award Year 2007-2008  
Club President   Rtn.Vikram Bhosale
Club Secretary   Rtn.Hrushikesh Keskar
Medical Care Women Empowerment   Rtn.Mrs.Deepali Bhoite
District Awards Year 2007-2008
The Rotary Foundation – District Service Award   Rtn.Raosaheb Gondil
Assistant Governor Appreciation Award    
Rotary Volunteer – Recognition Award    
DISTRICT Governor’s Appreciation Awards 2008-09  
Excellance Award for President 2008-09 Rtn Rajiv Parikh
Excellence award for Secretary 2008-09 Rtn Shrikant More
Excellence Hosts of GSE Tean Selection 2008-09 Club
Appreciation Award for Ass. Governor 2008-09 Rtn Ravi Sanghavi
Apprec. Award for GSR RC  Kop Spectrum 2008-09 Rtn Ravi Sanghavi
Apprec. Ward for GSR RC  Kop 2008-09 Rtn Deepali Bhoite
Apprec. Award for GSR RC Kop 2008-09 Rtn Hrushikesh Keskar
Apprec Award for GSR RC Kop 20008-09 Rtn Raosaheb Gondil
RI Presidential Citation 20008-09
TRF Dist Service Award for Outstanding Service to TRF   Rtn Rajiv Parikh
TRF Dist Service Award for Outstanding Service to TRF   Rtn Ravi Sanghavi
RI Recognition for Membership Development Initiatives
Four Avenues Service Citation 2009-2010 Rtn Devednra Ingle
Best President 2008-09 Rtn Rajeev Parikh
Best Secretary 2008-09 Rtn Shrikant More
Best Club 2008-09 Rtn Rajeev Parikh
Governors Cup 2008-09  
Rotary Year 2009-10
Golden President Award 2009-2010 Rtn Neel Pandit Bawadekar
Golden Secretary Award 2009-2010 Rtn Vikrantsinh Kadam
Best in Vocational Service
Best in Community Service
Best in Youth Service
Best in Public Service
Best in Literacy Campaign
Highest TRF Contribution
Best in TRF Promotion

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